Magazine Criteria

Criteria the Best Business Magazine

Note: Criteria are listed in no particular order Depth of Coverage 

Depth of coverage is important because:·         When reading news regarding business and global issues, it’s important the stories are thorough and cover all the important facts·         Depth can provide the reader with a greater understanding of the information provided·         Depth allows the magazine company to show that its writers are knowledgeable in the related field·         Depth gives the reader the opportunity to find the underlining meaning of the article Readability / Understandability  

  • If the reader can’t understand the content of the articles the message or information will be uselessà therefore the magazine would be missing a large part of what would be required of the “Best Business Magazine”  
  • Readability and understandability are important to the best business magazine because the information must be able to be practically applied by the readerà for this to be possible the reader must be able to read and understand information in the magazine


  • The width addresses the variety of content that a magazine covers. 
  • It is important the best business magazine gives an insight into a number of areas that would directly impact the reader.  A great business magazine would include articles in technology, finance, entertainment, business, and world news
  • A variety of coverage can help readers in their personal and business lives

Publisher’s Credibility·         Similar to judging an author’s credentials, knowing more about a publishing company can help you understand their potential biases ·         Keep in mind that publishing standards vary for each publishing house. XYZ Publishing may print anything that will bring a profit, whereas X University Press may screen all information they publish to ensure the validity of the content, protecting their reputation·         Also who reads the magazine is important—if CEO’s and entrepreneurs are reading the magazine it adds creditability to the publication Online Presence·         Recent hour by hour updates (stocks, breaking news, etc.) ·         Blogsà discussion of articles (commentaries of controversial articles)·         Shortened version of articles (lets you know if you want to read the full version in the magazine)·         Wider content, but not as deep (a large variety of news that the magazine does not provide) 


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