What Makes a GREAT Mantra

Best in the Biz 

What makes a great mantra? 

            There are various elements that make a mantra great.  First, a mantra must motivate and inspire the workforce of the organization; it is simply more than just words put together in a catchy phrase.  Having a solid mantra makes all the employees feel like they are on a unified team. If all of the employees can recite the mantra, then they will most likely know the vision and goals of the company. Implementing a mantra that everyone relates to is very important and can easily help structure a team by allowing them always to refer back to it as a source of encouragement and personal accountability. The unifying theme keeps everyone in line and makes them feel good when they come into work everyday to know they have a meaning.  

Second, a mantra serves as an integral part of the employee’s jobs.  Not only should they be able to recite the mantra by heart, but they should also firmly believe in its inner most meaning.  According to Guy Kawasaki, the litmus test for a good mantra is to call a company and see if who ever is answering the phone knows it. The logic behind this is that a great mantra shouldn’t be restricted to the CEO or other top level executives. For a mantra to be great every employee should, if not know the mantra, have the ability recognize and understand it. This shows a level of implementation and infiltration of the mantra that pushes a mantra from good to great.

Lastly, the mantra also provides a sense of pride for the employees, enabling them to perform in the highest level.  The company must be passionate about their inner philosophy in order for it to be well executed.  The mantra may not be an organization’s complete driving force, but it enables the whole team to accomplish a common goal.  If each and every employee at an organization doesn’t live, breathe, and sweat the mantra, it’s essentially useless.  A well-constructed mantra must be instilled into the employees and exercised every single day throughout the organization.



What Goes Into a Great Mantra?

  • Motivation to perform your particular job
  • Practical and usable in daily work
  • Short and easy to understand
  • Pertains to your business
  • Integrated within the employees
  • Makes the employees feel like their a part of a team
  • Should be passionate and contain heart
  • Every employee should be able to know it
  • Should be different from a marketing slogan

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