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t diddyThe Trump article I wasn’t to hot for. It seemed a little shallow, there wasn’t much essence to it or much I could take away. I really liked the article on business plans though. After a while of hearing the same arguments over and over again, I tend to accept them as true. After a while of hearing so often that you need a business plan and being under the assumption that the bigger the better, I never stopped to realize there could be a contradictory school of thought. After reading the article I still believe that a business plan would be an added bonus for me to have. I do realize now that size is not the focus, its execution. I feel after reading that article that a business plan should be less of an instruction guide, not even a blue print, but more of an outline. The Arse test seemed a little slanted but it was a short and concise reading. I found that I was less of an arse than I thought tough. The article on the NBA franchises was interesting. I enjoyed how they described the San Antonio Spurs rise. As I was reading it, I saw a lot of threads between the way the organization paid close attention to choosing the right people rather than the superstars to build a solid team and Jim Collins explanation of a great leader choosing the right people for the bus.  


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  1. Good analysis, but use paragraphs!!! You can also pick one topic and go deep on it. Watch out for “to” when you mean “too”. Look at your first sentence, you’ll see what I mean. 4.

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