I Feel Lucky; Hit my button

dirtyharry.jpgThe google.com presentation was great, and I’m not just saying that because I got a free hat either. I learned a lot about a service that I commonly use. The first thing that stuck out to me like a sore thumb on a European hand model was how the instructor pointed out what the “I feel lucky” button on Google was for. I realized for years I have used Google, but never once had I used that button, never once had I even thought to click it, I was so used to just hitting enter after I typed in my search criteria that I wasn’t even aware it was there. Now how is that for a perfect example of raising your level of awareness?

I also learned a great deal about basic task Google could perform. I always saw Google as simply a search engine. I never knew it could do task such as math. Also I didn’t know things such as currency exchanges and measurements conversions could be done right in the search bar of Google. I have for years used Google to search for sites to do those things, never knowing I was creating extra steps for myself.

One response to “I Feel Lucky; Hit my button

  1. Good job. 4

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