My Feb 16 Buzz

itunes-music-store-threatened-by-youtube-2.jpgOn Feb 16 my favorite bit of buzz in Biz Buzz, was my own. The article I brought in to share with class was an article from Fast Company. The article discussed the myth of the startup. Specifically the article went in to talk about how great companies like youtube, and Apple are always spoken of as if they were overnight successes. People speak as if the businesses were a guy or a guy and his friend sitting in a garage saying, “Hey, you know what dude, putting video on the internet would be awesome,” And poof there is youtube.

In actually the article discussed how the two co-creators of youtube had worked for Paypal for some time, so had background knowledge on internet business. One of the co-creators had actually worked with Paypal since the beginning of the company and designed the logo. As if that wasn’t enough one of the supposed, “two guys in the garage” was the son in law of a tech guru who created Netscape. If they didn’t have the background and support already of the industry with that added perk, you can certainly believe their chances of being a sustainable company practically quadrupled. The article went on to discuss how similar situations were true for other tech companies but this particular example stuck out to me the most due to how people talk as if youtube was a college kids hobby, when it was really a creation of two tech pros.

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  1. Good job 4.

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