The Trigger of Oppression

When I think of the greatest inventions in history the wheel always comes to mind. More currently the internet or the computer pops in my head, and of course inventions such as the telephone and light bulb seem like some of the greatest inventions in history. But rarely do I ever think of the gun.  More than anything this is what I got from the Charles H. Wright museum. As a black male growing up in a diverse community, throughout my life I’ve always questioned the state of the African-American race in this country and even more recently as I studied African history atOakland
University I began to ponder the position of the entire African race throughout the world.

 I’ve come up with a myriad of reason as to why things are the way they are, but nothing ever seemed to suffice. But at the Charles H. Wright museum, one stuck; the gun. The gun is the reason that one of the most highly advanced civilizations in history feel prey to a minority in their own country. 

Our tour guide told us how the first human came from
Africa. Our guide told us how hordes of knowledge, great architecture, and masses of wealth came from
Africa. He told us that many of the civilizations that we see as the “the greats” such as the Romans were taught by Africans. According to the tour guide, the oldest active university is in
Africa and some of the great thinkers in history studied under those scholars.
 All and all, I really enjoyed the trip and found in very informational, but if anything I wish we could have spent more time there to learn more about the recent history.  

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