The Wise Brock

Brock Weatherup dropped so many gold nuggets on Friday I felt like a leprechaun on his birthday as he spoke. It’s hard to know where to begin to speak on Brock, so the best thing I can do is list some of his words of wisdom. 

“Leadership is a Privilege; it must be GIVEN to you by the people you lead.”

            Natural born leaders are cliché. Some people are better communicators, and this helps them lead better, but being a natural born leader is something you learn, not something you’re born with. What I learned from Brock is that no matter what kind of leader a person might feel as though they are; it’s the people that make that call. I can read a million books on leadership, practice presence and communication, but if I haven’t gotten that message of trust and respect across to my team members I am not a leader.


“If you can get someone hooked on emotion in a deal, you win the deal.”


I found this one interesting. When I had my interview with Dan Izzo to get into this program, I told him, I felt as though making an emotional bond with a person was the best way to create a win-win relationship, and that I believed that humor was one of the easiest and safest ways to do that. I then asked Dan what advice he had on humor to help me create this bond. He seemed a little thrown off by the question on humor at a business interview but very profoundly he said to that humor was being the real you. He said that humor was bringing out parts of you that are already there, but you might not readily access as often, being fake or trying to be funny was not humor at all. That has stuck with me ever sense in a way Brock has reinforced that with me, the way to help make those bonds in relationship marketing is to be comfortable with yourself, which will help trigger an emotional bond with the other person.  

His check-list of lessons and rules he lives by were profound as well and are definitely points that I will add to my own list of wise thoughts.


Lessons Learned Building and Managing

  1. You have to know what you don’t know
    1. You can’t be good at everything
    2. Let’s you know who you need around you
  2. Build a common language
    1. You need a unifying vision
  3. Understand and leverage your culture
    1. Your business culture is going to adopt the good and the bad of your personality
  4. Do the work yourself
  5. Love it or don’t do it
  6. Know why you’re doing it


4 Key things he looks for in people he hires and he tries to maintain in himself

  1. Develop a balanced perspective on life
    1. Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time
    2. Keep the things like family, community, church in check
  2. Obtain the broadest set of experiences
    1. Adds to everything you do
  3. Learn to value and use failure- Take risk
    1. Enjoy failure and learn the lessons from it
  4. Show you TRULY care about people
    1. Being humble, being respectful, being aware of what’s going on


 I think one of the reasons I enjoyed Brock so much was because like a product he created value for us. Some of the speakers were more charismatic, or seemed more the typical CEO types, whether they were or not, but Brock, in my opinion, was the only one to present so much valuable information that could be taken away and implemented in an easy to follow, organized way.



I think Brock himself said it best when he said, “You have to find the good parts of everything and enjoy those; otherwise you’re going to walk through life miserable.” Well Brock Weatherup made the process of finding the good parts in his presentation extremely simple. They were everywhere I turned.


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