Did you feel that? Awesome

I titled the last Business Wisdom the Wise Brock. So what can I title this one. Rod
Harrison was possibly the most interesting, unique, and motivating Business Wisdom speakers we have had to date.


One of the first things he talked about was the three ways to establish identity. The were as follow:

3 Ways to Est. an Identity

1. A Significant Emotional Event.

2. Conditioning

3. Your Environment


Identity established by a significant emotional event encompasses identity formed when an event so outside of your comfort level happens that it raptures you into a new form of identity. This can be seen many times in people who have an illness they overcome or in individuals who have come close to danger or death and have a new outlook on life.


Conditioning pertains to a constant and intentional repeating of a process or mindset that overtime becomes who you are. The most common and direct example can be seen in exercise. An individual who works out five days a week, eats an impeccable diet and focuses on increasing their cardiovascular and muscular system will be in a top physical form most likely. This is who that person will be because they have done these processes over and over again. This can also be seen in a person who reads books on happiness on a weekly basis and practices what they read daily. This individual is more likely to be a happy person than the average individual.


The third way to establish identity was environment. For me a simple example can be seen in exactly what the training entrepreneurs at Bizdom are doing right now. We live in an environment where from the time we wake up in the morning, until the time we go to sleep at night, we constantly here about business or are involved in carrying it out. In us this creates a business mindset and is helping to create our identity. Another place this can commonly be seen is in the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together.” If a teenager is always hanging out with a group of kids that is constantly getting in trouble with the police for illegal activities, it’s more likely that teenager will become a criminal than if he’s hanging out with the student government of his high school all day.



“Being an entrepreneur is harder than being a Navy Seal” 

Rod went on to say that “being an entrepreneur is harder than being a Navy Seal. While I find this extremely hard to believe on further analysis of his reasoning behind his statement I can come closer to believing him. Rod implies that just like the Navy Seals, a lot of entrepreneurs get into business for the wrong reasons; once they see the emotional ends won’t be what they thought they drop out.


On this level, if someone decides to discontinue their Navy Seal training, they can most likely be sent back to their former area of military service. On the other hand if an entrepreneur decides to do this then she can potentially loser her house, her credit, her family, and potentially a large part of her identity for changing her mind.


Mr. Harrison 

It was great to hear about Rod himself. From growing up in a rough school, to training in the military to opening his own business there were nuggets of wisdom all along the way he embarked upon us. I loved hearing the story of his SERE training and definitely found the tie-in to our own attitudes and outlooks. Those extreme kinds of examples of human psychology always tend to intrigue me.


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  1. 4. Good depth and insight. There are areas where your writing could use some polishing.

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