Partner Up

I read an interesting article in Black Enterprise about having a successful partnership. The first key they discussed was to communicate constantly, they say to always keep the lines of communication open. Hold meetings, talk about problems and give criticism constructively. It goes on to talk about sharing the same vision and being compatible, two vitale parts of a partnership.


The article goes on to discuss the importance of planning in the area of defining roles and making sure each person knows who is responsible for what and this can be done through making a written agreement that details how business will be conducted between the two owners.  The article continues with laying out basics of integrity such as being willing to compromise and honoring your commitments that you say. The article says that a lot of times arguments happen because one partner feels like they are brining more than the other.


Towards the end of the article respecting and trusting the others ability as well as not taking things personally are high lighted. The article mentions that partnerships especially those that involve family can be notorious for things being taken personally. The article wraps up with saying never give up. The article states that just like any other business a partnership will take time and needs goals that need to be accomplished. All and all I enjoyed this article and found in interesting as an aside, that this article could, with a few word changes, potentially end up in an issue of Cosmo as relationship advice. Communication really is at the heart of this article.


One response to “Partner Up

  1. Vital, not vitale. First sentence of paragraph 2 is a bit of a run-on. It’s an okay write up. Next time provide a citation (article link, etc.) 4.

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