So Al Gore Really Didn’t Create the Internet?

I found the presentation on the internet interesting. It’s hard to believe that in the 70s there were only 23 servers that consisted of the entire internet. Yet now everything is online. If the internet were to shut off then the entire economy would shut down. It would have nearly the same impact as a Y2K epidemic. Cell phones, On Star, customer services, inventory and the World Wide Web are all part of what make up this wild world of the internet. Yet still about 30 years ago there were only a handful of servers around.


The speaker seemed extremely smart. He seemed very knowledgeable about the subject. I especially liked the tie in with him being an entrepreneur. He seemed to embody the entire simplicity of being an entrepreneur. He didn’t seem like he had some fabulous idea, or he had a great background on writing a business plan, but he had the initiative to start a business when he saw an opportunity.


He said he’s been open for only 6 week and has had about $1,300 cards sold. The best part was that he used free open source software to accomplish start his company. So basically apart from purchasing the inventory that he will sell he’s had an extremely low start up and has to do very little labor to his business.


4 responses to “So Al Gore Really Didn’t Create the Internet?

  1. Getting better. More personal insights. Y2K wasn’t an epidemic, and ultimately had little impact on the economy (except on the wallets of the people who cured the problem). 3.

  2. Ni hao!
    Check this out!

  3. And some more..

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