Pangborn Business 101 “You have something I want, and I’m willing to pay you for it.”

pangborn1.jpg“Taking a risk is very important. Being able to make that decision to jump in, if you fail, you better learn how now to do it again.”


The simple wisdom of Dominic Pangborn was phenomenal. Pangborn brought something uniquely different to the table than any of the other speakers we’ve had so far in Business Wisdom as well as in our other classes. Pangborn was simple.


In no way is calling Pangborn simple meant to be misconstrued for being dumb or obvious. He was a genius in my opinion. His all encompassing message in appeared as simple as Nike in stating “just do it”. We talk about how Quicken says there’s no secret sauce, Pangborn more than anyone seemed to embody that.


For a designer, at its essence a technical artist, I’d expect a lot of out of the box power of creativity and positive thinking kind of talk. He very simply seemed to be just the opposite. It seemed even at times when entrepreneurs in the class tried to take him in that direction he seemed two steps close to the area of confused in offering flowery advice.


At the age of 10, his mother asked him if he wanted to go to America, he answered yes and went. When college came around he didn’t want to do any English so he took art and now he’s the head of an international empire. When asked if he could do outrageous assignments in an unrealistic amount of time he did it. And when confrontation came in his way he told confrontation it better back down because he was going to be its boss very soon.


Pangborn’s simplicity seemed to encompass everything he said. I loved his passion for improving Detroit. One thing he simply stated that seemed absent from what I hear about Detroit’s future is how biotechnology isn’t necessarily the way. At every conversation I hear about new industries in Detroit, I always hear about biotech. Pangborn states, this doesn’t help the people living in the city. The people without high level degrees and even at times high school degrees aren’t benefiting from biotech. They might get a job as a janitor, and is that what we’re trying to do to improve Detroit?


All and all, it seems that as of lately certain isms are starting to drive in dearer and dearer to me, and the ism of simplicity being genius is one that Pangborn has helped to drive even deeper within me.

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