You’ve Got Mail…

mailserv.png372 words that don’t seem to mean too much is how the RFC code 2821 read, and that’s all before the introduction. I thought maybe I was tough enough to read the RFC code that established the rules for email, but I quickly found out I was wrong. There wasn’t too much I got from the RFC code, and in a way I felt the same about this edition of Gizmo’s as well.

Let me explain that in no way am I attempting to blast the presenter or the class in this blog. Possibly it was simply a problem with me, but the overall time spent on this didn’t exactly make sense to me. I’ll start with what I did like first. Nearly all of his talk on email security seemed helpful and interesting. In all honesty, this class may have been more effective had that been the only focus. Knowing that 95% of all the incoming messages at Quicken Loans are spam shocked me. I knew spam was prevalent, but I had no idea it was that overbearing.


I also found it helpful in the area of email security when he spoke on the importance of not using email for anything even mildly important. I had no idea that all emails with social security numbers or credit card numbers were blocked, but I think that is boldly important especially with all the sensitive information that Quicken carries.


At the same time it was interesting to know the legalities of email. I had heard around from individuals I would in no way call experts on the law or the internet about the legalities of work email. This was the first time I had ever heard a definitive answer on those legalities and I found that useful. I found it useful to know that the establishment that and individual works at owns the emails sent and received on that computer. I also did not know that work email is saved for a predetermined amount of time set by the employer. On this note, I liked how he tied this in with the current lawsuit that is going on with Quicken Loans and the former, disgruntle team members.


Now to my criticism. I eluded it to it early, but all in all my only gripe with this session of Gizmos was the lack of direction and clarity. This is to say, I didn’t really need to know how contact between servers happened, and things such as that, and if that’s what the class was on then we should have gone deeper on that. More and more I’m starting to believe the tighter any idea is focused the better it will do. I used to be a shot gun type of guy. I’d throw anything out there and hope something stuck; now I’m beginning to realize that aiming for the target with eagle like vision is much more deadly.

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