Franchise Anyone?

The article entitled, Build Your Own Franchise, in Black Enterprise, discusses how two former business partners who owned a Blimpie sub shop started their own franchise. Chris Spears and Gary Williams decided to open a healthy take out seafood restaurant. They did this to counteract the deep fried and high fat seafood options that were available. The great thing about their story is before they even sold one meal, they had already sold a franchise.


This article highlights the trend in healthy fast food and take out that is taking place. Also it highlights the trend in franchising ideas. I recently read in article in a local Detroit paper that discussed, while traditional businesses weren’t doing well currently, franchise ownership is actually up doing this economic time in Michigan. The article went on to explain that many former autoworkers took corporate buy outs and then used that money to start franchises. Possibly, what these partners did could be a viable concept to be done in the Detroit area.


The article goes on to discuss certain things to look for if you want to create a business you can franchise. The article discussed the high cost in attorney and consultant cost that have to be attended to in order to create a “franchisable” business. Companies such as and others were given as good experts in the field to consult with. The article also discusses how the franchisor has to pay government fees in every state he plans to build a franchise.



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