Gail Perry-Mason

Gail Perry-Mason, now that’s what I’m talking about. Gail is successful, energetic, knowledgeable and most of all real. We’ve had many speakers in Business Wisdom. I can’t think of any that were particularly bad. As far as I remember they have all offered a great amount of knowledge and wisdom, but none have in the way that Gail Perry-Mason did. Most of the speakers seemed as though they submerged their lives into their business and became extremely successful. The thing about Gail is it seems as though she brought her business into her life and then continued to live her life and managed to be extremely successful.


Gail had an element that I haven’t seen in any other speaker in the class. It’s hard to exactly pinpoint what it was, but it was all incased in an ounce of realness. She never got out of the box, and frankly I think there’s some credit in staying in the box. It was simple real talk. The most applicable talk we’ve ever had in that class. She gave us the kind of advice that a rich successful aunt would give. She didn’t feel a need to come across as wise, just honest. I respect that.


The way she got to where she is today also amazed me. The fact that she had so many cards stacked against her really made me look at the opportunity that we all have set in front of ourselves. We have guidance, advice, great instructors, and funding. All she had been her own will and a can do attitude. If we can never cease to incorporate those into our mindset I think there is no limit to what we can do.


2 responses to “Gail Perry-Mason

  1. Gail is such a gift. My family and I had the pleasure of meeting her, as she was one of our guest facilitators at a women’s event in Frankenmuth Michigan a few years ago. Since then we’ve had an awesome relationship. She’s absolutely the best. When you meet her, you’ll understand. She’s truly a gem!

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