Flash these Seats

What a way to kick off a new season of Business Wisdom. Kwame, in my opinion, was more of a warm up act than legitimate Business Wisdom, but Sam Greace came out and owned the stage. As the CEO of FlashSeats, an innovative ticketing company acquired by Camelot Ventures, he had an amazing way of tying together what we had learned in the last semester and seemingly putting a fresh start on this new one. Sam is a self-admitting serial entrepreneur.

Once again he drilled in to me the importance of personal connections. I think this program in a way doesn’t place enough direct importance on developing that quality although implicitly it’s always there. I can’t recall exactly how he got the position at FlashSeats but similar to the CEO of Fathead, he happened to be in the right place at the right time and someone he knew reffered him. As I talked to my mentor most recently, he told me that’s how he does the majority of his recruiting.

Sam talked again and again about how important it was to get the right people in the company. He even said he focuses on that more than their qualifications. While Sam said he does like to have “grey hair” in his organization, he prefers at times to hire people who aren’t experienced in specific areas so they will catch what people who have been doing that job for years will overlook simply out of routine.

Sam is a true entrepreneur. I enjoyed his calm way of presenting that while at times put me at ease, also proved amazingly captivating. One of the most interesting and unique pieces of knowledge he left with us was the different types of businesses. He said there were some you do be cause you love what you do, there are some you do in hopes to sell, there are some you do to their greatest profitability, and there are some you do to drain all the money out of and then ditch. All and All, Sam was great and had a unique story that I believe we all found interesting.


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