Stamp Prices

Once again the price of stamps increases. It makes me wonder if the post office has any direction it’s moving in or if they’re just trying to stay afloat. The post office seems to be behind the market in new offerings such as package pick-ups and shipping of bulk items (Services that make up a large amount of there revenue). Yet they seem to be canabalizing their USP (unique selling proposition). The USPS is the only major service that provides first class delivery of simple mail and as in so many of our book clubs books suggest, they need to stay close to their core. Understandably, the Internet has taken a large market share away, with email, blogs, and online magazines, but still their are certain situations were a physical letter needs to be sent. Why are they letting FedEx out do them with overnighting these? Why do they keep making it harder and harder to mail a card to a friend? Maybe there is some strategic reason that the USPS is trying to keep people away from mailing letters, but it looks like to me, with this rise in the cost of stamps they’re just scrambling for pennies. Two to be precise.

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