Mentorship Meeting #2

1. The 3 Cornerstones. I’m not exactly what the wording that was used but this was the principle of writing down three things everyday that I need to do before I do anything else. I’ve done this and it’s helped a lot with my organization. I’ve taken it a step further and put time limits on each thing and I’ll stop at the time I’ve written for each one even if I haven’t finished and come back to it after the time is up for the other two(sort of hard to explain, but it seems to be working for me). This helps keep me on track and pushes me to meet deadlines.

2. The tip you gave me on introducing myself when someone has likely forgot the other person’s name was great too. The introduction has always been an awkward thing for me, as to when it’s appropriate to introduce myself or wait to be introduced, but that tip you gave me will be a great springboard into our further networking training.

3. The direct mail concept you spoke to me about was a great thing in helping me think in different directions as for business concepts. Also, if that’s something you don’t plan on pursing sometime in the future I’d like to sit down and talk to you a little about that as an opportunity I might want to further look into.

4. The way you explained how you interview is something I will definitely start to use. The idea of putting the right people in the right seats on the bus was discussed in Good to Great, but the idea of starting the interview with seeing if they are the right people, rather than seeing if they have the right qualifications, was the missing link the book never discussed in the book in order to make that happen.

5. Staying curious was something you hit on that I’m going to always keep in my mind. I know a lot of business owners and executives like to appear like the smartest ones in an organization, but the way you said you help solve problems, by helping them probe to find the answers rather than giving the answer when you know it (or trying to make one up to save face if you don’t know it) is something I believe is needed to create an organically self-sufficient team, rather than a group of order takers.


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