began as the online social network for college students. It was characterized by it’s clean appearance and spam-free enviroment. It was the oasis from Myspace that college students were looking for. Was…was….were.

Facebook is changing. In the later part of last year, uproar flamed across the network as the simple college social network opened it’s doors to everyone and began to become more complex. Now has announce they have opened up the site for developers like you and me (ok maybe you, but definately not me) to build applications that interact with the network.

There are already applications that can connect facebook to your instant messenger and share your music with your friends, and facebook will even allow companies to make money off of their applications if they choose. Now the question is, is that 22 year old idol to internet entrepreneurship, Mark Zuckerberg, a genius or too big for his barely of age britches.Sure options are cool. Adding video to myspace pages almost on its own changed the landscape of the internet helping throw youtube into the spotlight. But is facebook stepping away from its core going to do more harm than good?

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