The Detroit News reports, Quicken Loans plans to move to Detroit. Long term, it’s good that thousands of workers will be coming down to the city. Those are thousands of people who may have at one time or another had a bad image of Detroit begin to see Detroit as what it really is. A big city with a lot to offer, and like any other city, that means both good and bad.

The Detroit News reports the deal will be over $200 million. Kwame Kilpatrick welcomes Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans with open arms. The city, as well as the state, are doing what they can to secure the deal. Gilbert hopes many more will follow and states “big” things are to come.

One thing the article didn’t mention is the effects on Livonia and Troy. What about the cities that have supported and embraced Quicken for years? These city governments have made sure that it was easy for Quicken to operate there and are will lose out on a lot of traffic. And what about the local dry cleaners and diners that depend on hundreds of Quicken workers coming in day in and day out? I guess there’s room for them to follow. Who’s coming with me?



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