Bruce Bruce

Talk about a born business man. Bruce Schwartz is, “that guy.” His father was a pool hustler turned salesman. While Bruce became a real life hustler turned In-House Realty CEO. Finding opportunity after opportunity and using his social network and streets smarts to his advantage every step of the way.

Bruce is a true serial entrepreneur. His laundry list of businesses sounded like a couple pages out of mobster’s rolodex. From a gambling hotline to construction and even a little arcade game services he’s had a piece of nearly all the mafia related businesses short of hired hand (at least I hope).  Bruce never stopped seeking out opportunities. His continued pursuit of business exploits even after complete destruction is what impressed me most about Bruce. His gambling hotline was put out of business by an uprising in credit card fraud and his construction business self imploded after too much demand after a hurricane.

 The more and more I write about this guy the more and more I’d love to see a movie about him. It’s strange, Bruce didn’t seem overly charismatic or shockingly impressive, but he’s one of those guys if you were to sit down with I could guarantee you he has some stories to tell that could keep your attention for hours.


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