There is no Box

I liked Bill Emerson. As of yet I hadn’t had much of an opportunity to come in contact with Bill or even hear much of him (other than the fictional birthday party for his daughter I was dooped into), but meeting with him was interesting. Having met with most of the top leaders in Quicken Loans it was nice to finally meet with the CEO. Bill had a strong yet humble veiw of leadership. He saw leadership as a role in which to serve people. I’ve heard many leaders say this before, but with Bill it seemed as though he actually believed in this service form of leadership.

As he spoke on leadership he explained in order to lead others you have to lead yourself. I think this is vital in business. Too many times people don’t set goals for their business because they aren’t used to setting goals for themselves. Too many times people don’t manage their business well because they don’t manage their personal lives well. Bill mentioned that we had to have a core belief system in being a leader and being successful and I believe that as well is one of those things that translate from the personal to the business.

A great piece of advice Bill gave was to get new prospects to tell you their goals and then explain your goals to them and then it’s vital to have them explain how they fit in with your goals. This way they confirm that they are on board and conversely you can see where they want to be in your organization. Another piece of advice Bill gave was to “under promise and over deliver” (I’m not sure if I’ve heard that one yet, but it sounds good ; ).

Bill had great nuggets of knowledge, being a guy who admits to love sayings he left us with some great ones to live by. Zig win everyone else zags. That’s an idea I’m taking to heart in my ideas for internet based businesses. He also said start each day asking yourself where can I have the most impact, interestingly my mentor gave similar advice a few weeks back. It’ s interesting that so many strings again and again keep getting pulled from people who don’t have that great of a connection to one another. There is no secert sauce, it seems almost more like a the kool-aid but one I’m glad I’m getting a sip of.


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