One small step…

According to the Detroit Free Press, Mascoma, a Boston based alternative fuel company has secured a deal to move to Michigan. The announcement was made with excitement by both CEO of Mascoma Bruce Jamerson, as well as Michigan’s governor Jennifer Granholm on Thursday. Granholm for some time has been leading the way in trying to make Michigan a leader in alternative energy to support the struggling economy left broken by the auto industry. “This is a sector that Michigan can lead the nation in” Granholm stated.

Mascoma, unlike many ethanol producing companies, is using trees and timber waste to produce ethanol in a world where corn is king. Jamerson, who himself is a Michigan native, stated “This is really cutting edge.” But alas, tree huggers don’t fret, according to the forestry department the trees will be well managed and replenished to preserve the environment.

Could this be Michigan’s new major industry? Hopefully not. I don’t see anything wrong with Michigan being a leader in biofuel, but the old one trick pony economy is outdated (I thought we would have learned that in the coal mining days). While this advancement can be beneficial to the state, hopefully it will be in attracting more businesses to the area with innovative ideas and last but most important great people and great cultures.


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