Lisa Toenniges

Lisa Toenniges of Innovative Learning Group was different than most of the speakers we had come in, but different in the best kind of way. First, she didn’t give a speech! She sold me at that. She let us ask her questions and get the most out of the experience. That aside, she spoke in down to earth real world examples and more so than any of the other speakers she didn’t talk as if she had plans to take over the world. Lisa Toenniges spoke about growing her business gradually and profitably. From her talk with us I could tell, she is in a good place making a good salary and giving a great service and is happy with that.

When she spoke about her business, everything was concrete; no spin. She broke down her 8 member team into specific job titles. She ran through her work schedule and gave specific percentages on where her time is spent. She gave one of the specific reasons for her success in the fact that 60-70% of her business is done outside of SE Michigan. With all of that being said I think the greatest thing Ms. Toenniges left me with was the merit in running a good company and that business isn’t all about forcing the competition out of the market, but instead about servicing the customer.


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