Cat’s Meow

Our guest speaker on Tuesday was a testament to ground level execution. More than any other speaker he seemed to be one who we could most relate to. He’s still in the struggle of becoming a success and not yet at the point of making 6 figures plus a year, but instead has his eye on the prize of hitting that next level of success.

He used resources such as SCORE, a resource I plan to tap into in the very near future. And once again he spoke on the importance of networking, even mentioning BNI as a group he uses to network through. Having been to many BNI groups myself as a subsitute, I found it interesting that a man in his line of work would even think to use it. Simply another example of how the inches we need are all around us. In a group typically filled with real estate agents, lawyers, insurance salesman and other service based individuals he realized that for a few hundred bucks a year there could be a chance for him to network with someone who could help him. And that’s exactly what happened and helped lead him to securing an important deal for him.

All and all, the Purfect Opener seemed a little strange to me. As it should, since I’m no where near the target demographic. But his visit taught us how using your previous experience, networking and filling a need ultimately helps lead to innovation.


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