Blondie was great. No, not the ultra cool band from the 80s, but Liz Blondie. Liz was an inspiration to just doing it. Maxing out credit cards, having to deal with HR headaches but having no HR staff, and getting things done the old fashion is what stuck out to me about Liz. I was amazed to hear about someone who knew nothing about an industry but just decided to learn and go out and do it, and that’s what she did.

She is a Detroiter for sure and is active on the ground level of getting Detroit into 2.0. Of course there are the Roger Penskes and the Dan Gilberts we are going to have to thank for making Detroit truly 2.0, but I hope we don’t forget the Liz Blondies as that happens. Small business is just as vital to a city as big business.


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