According to Crain’s Detroit, Wal-Mart is planning to open 19 new stores throughout Metro Detroit. Sadly, no plans are in motion to put one within city limits. According to the article this move is going to mean a lot more competition for mid-west based Meijer, Kroger as well as smaller grocers in the area. The article states, this will not be the end of the local grocery stores, but it will definately take a small percent of their market share.

Back to the no Wal-Mart in Detroit issue, aka the important stuff. According to an adjacent article in Crain’s, Wal-Mart claims they are looking at the opportunity but they are in the early stages. Surprisingly, Wal-Mart is not completely heartless, they set up a Jobs and Opportunity
Zones Initiative. Sadly, they are somewhat heartless though, although they set up this program Detroit is no where to be seen in it, even though the city has expressed interest in the initiative. Cities like Chicago, and Cleveland are on this list, but no Detroit. According to the initiative the program is for cities with high unemployment and high crime…but no Detroit?


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